Limburg, a unique cross-border region

The DNA of Limburg

When you live on the border, it's second nature. To know your neighbours' ways is to know their culture. Borders mean opportunities, not obstacles. Opportunities to create something together. To work together across borders. Limburg is the Dutch connection to Europe. 

The elongated province of Limburg has a rich history of fluid borders, and today the province has 351 km of international borders and 'only' 113 km with the rest of the Netherlands. Little wonder then, that the people of Limburg have always looked beyond their own borders. To work or to study in Limburg, for leisure or recreation. 

Internationally-minded thinking and trading, and playing with borders is part of Limburgers' DNA. It is inherent to the province's history and its place on the map. The people of Limburg are go-getters. Enterprising; always on the look-out for opportunities and new possibilities. Due partly to the history of their region, Limburgers are capable of bringing about change. 

Limburgers are also connectors; bridge builders. Limburgers have a natural gift for empathy. The ingrained familiarity with other languages and cultures, in combination with the inbred flexibility, is what enables Limburgers to make contact with others so easily yet sincerely, their tendency not to think in differences but in similarities. 

Whatever the subject – architecture, fashion, events, gastronomy or the landscape – Limburgers have an eye for detail and finesse. Simply good is simply not good enough. It has to be excellent. That little bit of extra attention can make all the difference. 

In short: The people of Limburg have the best of three worlds wrapped up in one package: a healthy dose of Dutch pragmatism and individuality, a bit of German Gründlichkeit and a dash of the joie de vivre for which the Belgians and French are famous. This makes Limburg a naturally international region, where everyone feels right at home: a second home abroad. Above all, it makes the people of Limburg effective partners in (cross-border) collaborations, enabling all parties to reap the benefits. Limburgers are Europeans, but with a strong identity of their own. They add to Europe and to the Netherlands as a trading nation. Limburg makes the Netherlands greater.