Limburg is a wonderful province with a lot of potential. But abroad we are not well known. This is something which has to change if Limburg is to remain a healthy, active and prosperous region offering a good quality of life. We can only maintain sufficient activity in our province, both now and in the future, by building a strong reputation for Limburg abroad.

And that is the task of Connect Limburg. It is our job to put Limburg on the international map as a unique cross-border region.

The cross-border character of Limburg manifests itself for instance in distinctive initiatives. These cross-border initiatives include activities where Limburgians work together, individually or collectively, with partners over the border.

The strength and the core of this collaboration are formed by the unique location of Limburg. The result can be a product or service, a new organisation or even a cross-border event. Anyone can be the initiator of an on brand initiative: a person, a company, a welfare organisation, a knowledge institution or a government body.

Interested in hearing more about Connect Limburg? Perhaps you are a business person who makes use of borders? Or a Limburgian who has been inspired by this story and would like to meet us? Feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to hear from you about how together we can put Limburg on the international map.