Limburg is one of the Netherlands’ 12 provinces. Situated between Belgium and Germany, the Region is dominated by borders. Long, tall Limburg has 351 km of borders with other countries and is connected to the rest of the Netherlands by just 113 km. It’s not surprising that Limburgians have traditionally looked further than the borders and have worked, studied or shopped in...

Limburg gains land

This year, Belgium is giving a tract of land to Limburg, making our province a little bit bigger. 


Called L'Illa in Visé, it is a nature reserve just across the border near Eijsden, to which it's connected by a headland, and is the size of roughly 15 football pitches.


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By boat

For years, this nature reserve has been a thorn in the side of the Belgian police, who can only access the terrain by boat when they have to deal with disturbances or incidents. Because there's no dock, they actually have to jump the last bit. And if they want to get there by road, they always have to ask permission from the Netherlands first.


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In exchange for this tract of land, the Netherlands is giving Belgium an area of around four hectares on the left bank of the Meuse. This swap is prove of the good crossborder relations the province of Limburg has with it's Belgium counterparts.


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