Limburg is one of the Netherlands’ 12 provinces. Situated between Belgium and Germany, the Region is dominated by borders. Long, tall Limburg has 351 km of borders with other countries and is connected to the rest of the Netherlands by just 113 km. It’s not surprising that Limburgians have traditionally looked further than the borders and have worked, studied or shopped in...

Urban Data Centre Heerlen-CBS cited as example at global congress

The municipality of Heerlen and Statistics Netherlands (CBS) were invited by the World Council on City Data (WCCD) to attend the global congress 'Cities on the Global Stage - Data as the Universal Language' in Dubai.


Heerlen held a presentation and participated in the panel discussions. The event organisers and the participants from various cities repeatedly cited the unique collaboration within the Urban Data Centre and the unique certification obtained by Heerlen and Statistics Netherlands as a prime example. 


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In November 2016, the municipality of Heerlen was awarded an ISO certificate from the WCCD. This organisation aims to bring about global uniformity in the form of measurable indicators that allow international cities to draw comparisons with one another. Heerlen is a prime example with regard to the number of patents per residents. 


'Heerlen is profiling itself as a borderless Smart Services City with its Urban Data Centre,' says Martin de Beer. 


'I'm extremely proud of what Heerlen managed to accomplish in such a short amount of time,' adds Ralf Krewinkel. 'As a municipality, we collaborated with Statistics Netherlands to develop a unique partnership and obtain a unique certificate. We will add substance to this partnership in the coming months,' he says.


'During the congress, the partnership between Statistics Netherlands and Heerlen's Urban Data Centre was seen as the prime example for the further development of city data,' says Tjark Tijn-A-Tsoi of DG CBS. 'There are plenty of opportunities for Heerlen to expand on this together with Statistics Netherlands.'


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