Limburg is one of the Netherlands’ 12 provinces. Situated between Belgium and Germany, the Region is dominated by borders. Long, tall Limburg has 351 km of borders with other countries and is connected to the rest of the Netherlands by just 113 km. It’s not surprising that Limburgians have traditionally looked further than the borders and have worked, studied or shopped in...

Grenzenloos (Borderless) comic book


This year marks the 150th anniversary of Limburg definitively becoming part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, after the dissolution of the German Confederation. But the borders of our southernmost province have still been far from fixed since then, certainly in the minds of its inhabitants. Borders are rearing their heads again during the imminent general elections. Politicians are calling for them to be closed, wishing to return to the 'safe' state of yesteryear. However, the history of Limburg and its constantly shifting borders reveals that things aren't that simple.

















Five Limburg cartoonists have embraced this theme and are creating a comic album about Limburg's borders. Marco Jeurissen, Jean Gouders and the Tekenkingz (Gady Mirtenbaum, Berend Vonk and Toon Hezemans) went looking for forgotten stories and hidden histories based in the border region with Germany and Belgium. The album will be a collection of pictorial anecdotes and reports, each in their own style and based on their own research.


Graphic journalism is a storytelling technique which is based on drawings. Hogeschool Zuyd (the Visual Communications department of Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology) and Media Valley in Sittard have joined forces to research this new form of journalism. Lecturer Jeurissen brought in Gouders and De Tekenkingz.



The five cartoonists bonded over the theme of borders. It became apparent that each of them had already explored this subject in one way or another. Not particularly surprising, perhaps, when you consider that Limburgers are never more than 10 kilometres away from the border.


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The comic album, with over 120 pages, will be available from November 2017 as 150 years of Limburg comes to an end. Throughout the year, sketches and fragments from the book will be displayed at various exhibitions and presentations. Interested parties can contact the makers by emailing ...


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