Limburg is one of the Netherlands’ 12 provinces. Situated between Belgium and Germany, the Region is dominated by borders. Long, tall Limburg has 351 km of borders with other countries and is connected to the rest of the Netherlands by just 113 km. It’s not surprising that Limburgians have traditionally looked further than the borders and have worked, studied or shopped in...

Borderless: A comic about the Limburg borders


In celebration of the anniversary year of the Province of Limburg, cartoonists are creating a unique album with illustrated reports and stories about the border between Belgium and Germany.


This year marks the 150th anniversary of the dissolution of the German Confederation and the incorporation of Limburg into the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Despite this incorporation, however, the borders of our southernmost province have remained blurred, particularly in the eyes of its inhabitants. Borders will play an important role in the upcoming parliamentary elections as well, with many politicians calling for closed borders and a return to the prosperity and security of a bygone era. As the history of Limburg and its ever-changing borders illustrates, this is far from simple.















Five Limburg cartoonists will address this theme in a comic about Limburg's borders. Marco Jeurissen, Jean Gouders and the Tekenkingz (Gady Mirtenbaum, Berend Vonk and Toon Hezemans) will search for the forgotten stories and hidden histories in the border area between Germany and Belgium. The album will feature a collection of anecdotes and reports based on the cartoonists' own artistic styles and research.


This journalistic approach will take the form of an illustrated narrative. Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (the department of Visual Communication at MAMDT) and Media Valley in Sittard are joining forces in a collaborative study on this form of journalism. Jeurissen is associated as a lecturer and involved Gouders and De Tekenkingz as well.

















The five cartoonists are united by the theme 'borders' and had each immersed themselves in this issue in different ways. This comes as no surprise, given that Limburg is situated just ten kilometres from the nearest border.


The comic will contain more than 120 pages and will be available at the end of 2017, as the celebrations surrounding the 150th anniversary of Limburg come to an end. Throughout this anniversary year, sketches and excerpts from the comic will be revealed during various exhibitions and presentations. Interested parties can contact the makers via e-mail at: ...


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