Crossborder dinner 2017

The third edition of the cross­border dinner will be held on Wednesday october 11. Following the successful editions of 2015 (Central and South Limburg) and 2016 (North and Central Limburg), this year’s edition will focus solemnly on companies from South­Limburg.


Four leading companies and institutions will open their doors to a group of international students from various Limburg universities, including Maastricht University, Maastricht School of Management (MSM), Zuyd University of Applied, Fontys International Campus

Business School Notenboom. RWTH Aachen and Fachhochschule Aachen will also participate this year.



This project aims to introduce students to leading companies in our province and the opportunities they offer. Students will also have the chance to expand their networks. The latest editions led to several internship positions and cross-border contact between entrepreneurs and international students from the Maastricht School of Management

and Fontys Venlo.


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The day will start at Maastricht School of Management (MSM) in Maastricht (Randwijck). After a small breakfast and welcome by Wim Naudé (MSM) and Conny Moonen (Connect Limburg) three companies will be subsequently visited. Higher management of these companies will welcome the group, brief them on their businesses and guide them through their company.

* At this moment, we are still working on the details of the programme. The programme consists of a whole day starting at Maastricht School of Management at 9.00h and ending with the dinner at 21.00h.



The day will end in traditional fashion with a dinner on the border. This year’s dinner will be held in the small village of Noorbeek near the Belgian border. Students will have the opportunity to connect with management of the companies that we visited, other companies, institutions and governments from South-Limburg and neighbouring Belgium.

For more information about participating in the cross-border dinner, please contact George Deswijzen at Connect Limburg: e-mail: ...

tel.: 06-30400453



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